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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life of being a DBA

There has been enough said about being a DBA in a critical production environment in many websites, blogs and interviews. But today was the day that I had a taste of it. I had to join a web meeting to do a production migration early morning around 5:45AM. And all was expected to go well and the task to be completed within 4 hours. This meant that the expected time to complete the task was 4 hours which included testing the application after migration.

Unfortunate enough, the migration went well through all the steps and I was expecting a HAPPY SATURDAY as usual until we realized that we had a problem starting one of our services. That was a simple service that should have started without any issues from all sides. But things were going the other way what seemed to be simple became one of the complex tasks to handle and was bugging me for almost 3 hours.
I had to make my mind work at rapid pace to get things faster but with no luck. At last all I had to do to bring the service up and running was one of the funniest things. I had to reboot the server to have it running. Yes the simplest MicroSoft solution got rid of what seemed to be the complex issue.

I took almost 3 hours for us to take such a decision. Now I realize that being a DBA is not the easiest tasks that I could consider moving forward. I had literally gone through 4 hours for a simple task that got mine.

Life of being a DBA is something that people should love as if it’s part of their wholesome life. I love being a DBA in any cause and still love it more, more and more to go.

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