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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank You ALL for making SQL Data Camp @ Chennai a GRAND SUCCESS

Organizing an event is a tough job and making it a great success is toughest job. I hope, Chennai SQL Server User Group did what it makes to say SQL data camp a GRAND SUCCESS,
At this moment being the chairperson of the organizing committee, I would like to thank people who were involved in bringing success to the first ever day long SQL Server event in India.

I would like to thank all the speakers for accepting our invitation to deliver a session.

Pinal, travelling from Malaysia to Hyderabad and to Chennai only to make for this event and delivered two excellent sessions on indexing.

Madhu, Sudhir Mahendru and Basker Krishnamoorthy(members of Data Architecture Center of Expertise (DACoE) of Cognizant Technology Solutions) - This team was impressive in making clear to audience why DATA DESIGNING is so important to any application development lifecycle.

Venkatesan Prabhu, I have to make a special mention about him. He made great changes to his vacation calendar just to make for this event and was pleasant to have him travelling from Australia at the right time.

Raymond, from Doubletake software presented one of the most exciting sessions on high availability with Doubletake. I have never seen an UG giving one full session to a sponsor and we are proud of making our sponsor a part of our team.

If speakers were driving the event throughout the day, it was our sponsors you were with us from the day we planned till this last moment bringing energy and enthusiasm among us. The following are the persons who drove us through success.

Blythe Morrow, Sujatha Metha, Sanj Gaddam of PASS.
Doubletake Software
Redgate software
Jacob Sebastian of

My User Group Colleagues - Vidhyasagar and Deepak:
These both, I have no words to thank them; I am New York and was instructing them to do what needs to be done. And these guys have accomplished more than what I asked them. They have always been part of my community journey and this one is next stepping stone for us. We together have set a new milestone of conducting an event for SQL Server and we will make sure we will better this one in future events.

User Group Members:
This group has been one of the most active SQL server user groups around India and the members have been most energetic lot. They are the one who bring us enthusiasm and energy for us to take steps forward.

Personally, I was so proud to hear from Pinal, Vidhyasagar and Deepak that there so many attendees wanting to meet and chat with me. I apologize for not turning to be there. But I will make sure that I will meet everyone when I am in India for vacation.

Nagesh, Selva and Senthil:
These three need a special mention here. They have no association with either this User Group or SQL Server but were kindhearted enough to help us from designing the Logos, website, arranging things, coordinating with vendors, loaning their personal car for shuttle and what not. Thank You guys. Without you we would have had tough time managing things around us.

I would once again take this opportunity to Thank everyone for making this event a GRAND SUCCESS.

If I would have missed someone, please apologize me.

Thank you All.