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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Awarded MVP Again

I am Happy to say that I have been Awarded MVP for this year too. Adding the TAG MVP to my name had always distinguished me from other technologists near me. It has been a pleasant experience and happy to be on those same lines again for another year. And it's Thanking time again for those who have made a difference in my life and for those who have been with me during my tough days this year.

Krishna Gopalan - KG, I wish to be near you to share the joy this moment. I can still hear you saying "Sugesh, I know you are the right person to do this job", whenever I heard that gave me confidence to enrich my skills as a DBA helping me to achieve near expertise.

Stephen Seth, Vidhya Sagar and Deepak - It is with these guys that I grew up enriching my SQL Server skills. Without them, I would still be a DBA not a MVP.

I would like to thank my friends Dalavai Shanmugha Sundaram, Mr&Mrs. Stephen Seth, Mr&Mrs. Arun Kamaraj, Chakravarthi Elangovan and Poornima rangaswamy for being with me during this tough days of personal and professional career.

A special mention of thanks to Rangaswamy and Rani Thilagam Rangaswamy for shouldering my responsibilities in India when I stay in USA.

And my parents and sister, I have no words to thank them. Without thier support and encouragement I would not have got this again.


lexman said...


Keep rocking . Proud of you !!

Pinal Dave said...

Great Job Sugesh