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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Awarded Microsoft MVP

I am coming with the happiest news of my professional career. For people who might know me for long this could be great news and for others it would be great to know this news.

I am now proud to say that I am part of few Microsoft Most Valuable Professional’s (MVP's) around the globe. I have been awarded this for my contributions towards SQL server and will be holding this title for a year from now. (I am sure; I will be going for a renewal too, no giving back again).

At this point, I would like to thank a few people who got me to this. The list might be small but these people mean a lot to me towards achieving this.

Krishna Gopalan - My manager at Hexaware. When I joined Hexaware, i was in infant stage of working with SQL Server. He was the one who had trust in me giving variety of tasks involving lot of SQL Server and other Microsoft products helping me to achieve near expertise. I could still hear him saying "Sugesh, I know you are the right person to do this job". That was the level of confidence that he had on me. I can never forget the ISA implementation that I worked on with his guidance. The hard to understand infrastructure application. Without him, i wouldn't have made it right here.

Stephen Seth - One of my best friends, He too works as a SQL Server DBA. i would literally pain him asking N number of questions and making comments out of everything so that we both were in right path of learning something that we were working on. Lot of my articles, scripts and comments has gone for his review before being published.

Vidhya Sagar and Deepak - My collegaues @ CITIGROUP. These are other 2 guys who have been with me together through out this journey. When we started our website ( they both backed me up in designing the website which a person would like to read things about SQL Server. The great news here is they too are MVPs now.

And my parents and sister, I have no words to thank them. They have always stood besides me on whatever i do. Without their constant support and encouragement i would not have really achieved anything out here.

If i would have forgotten to name anyone here, please apologize me. Thanks for all others supporting me and would love to say
a BIG thanks again.

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